Thursday, May 31, 2007

You can set me up

"I've been waiting for something beautiful to blow up in my face."

I'm not superhuman. I forget that sometimes, but then reality hits. Sometimes I wonder if I've taken on more than I can handle. I won't give up. It's not who I am. But it's hard, and it's going to get more difficult before I can breath. C'est la vie, right? I chose this path.

Monday, May 21, 2007

How fun!!

Our neighbor (lives directly across the street from us) pitched his first game with the NY Yankees last night, and it was so exciting to see him. Tyler Clippard has been the pitcher for the Tampa Yankees (the NY Yankees farm team) for several years. We've known since last year that he was most likely going to be drafted by the NY Yankees, and he proved himself to be worthy of every bit of it. During his first major league game last night, he gave up only two runs, and was named the player of the game. Way to go, Tyler!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


They pulled it off! The Thunder won the championship this morning, 10-7 over six innings. It was a great game, and a wonderful season for the team.

After the game, the league had a huge pizza party for the last two teams, and one of the parents had a huge cupcake cake with the team name made for them. The league also provided drinks, hotdogs and hamburgers to everyone. Each member of the team was awarded a gold medal. Here are a few pictures from the day.

The four officials, and two coaches for the coin toss

Brendan receiving his medal

The champions!

The cupcake cake. It was huge!

Wild kitties

We were outside with our next door neighbor when we saw a kitten run alongside her house. We walked over and looked, and burrowed underneath one of the bushes in her yard was the home of three beautiful kittens and their mom. They had apparently been living under this bush their entire lives, and the ground was dug down so that they were sheltered. They were wild, and the mother was livid that we were trying to catch them. After two hours, the five of us (adults) caught the three kittens, but could not get the mother. The following day, we lured her onto our lanai where the kittens were staying, and we managed to catch her. We've had them all week, and it has taken all of this time for the mother to stop trying to attack us. You can tell that the kittens have never seen or been around people before, because even now only Sean can get near them. They still try to attack. A local safe shelter is adopting them all together, so we feel good about trying so hard to get the mom to keep with her babies. They are so cute, and I wish that we could keep them all, but Greyson isn't very happy about them being here!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Championship we come!

Brendan's baseball team won tonight, and advances to the championship game on Saturday! The team that they played tonight was one of the tougher teams in the league, so it was a great win. I've nearly lost my voice from all of the screaming that I did tonight. We had a blast, and are anxious for the game on Saturday.

Here is the video that I made for the team this year. They all watched it on my laptop at the field last night, and loved it.

Way to go, Thunder!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Special flowers

Aren't these beautiful? My mom and Larry sent these to me for Mother's Day. The huge pink daisies are so pretty, and the dark pink lilies are to die for. The entire arrangement is just gorgeous. Thank you both!!! You made my day.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Miss you already

I won't get to see her for another three months. I'm bummed.
We had a great time at Lake Eola and Downtown Disney, but it just went too damn fast. I'll post a lot more pictures of everyone tomorrow. Right now, this is the only one that matters.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Beautiful girl

(click to see a larger view)

I can't believe how grown Erin looks in this picture. She just gets more and more beautiful as she gets older. It's killing me to see her grow up so quickly.

In other news, the boys are finished with school in one week from today. Sean had a party in one of his classes today, and I delivered 12 pizzas, crazy bread, cake and brownies to the 22 kids. They had a blast. I made the cake and brownies for them, but I bought the pizza and crazy bread. I kept Erin home with me today, so she got to join in, too.

I start back to school on Monday, and I'm excited. The two classes that I'm taking in the summer semester are both major courses, so I'm really looking forward to them.

We are meeting Pam and her family this Friday in Orlando, and I cannot wait. They are already in Florida, and it's killing me that they are only 4 hours away and I haven't seen them yet.

The swingset is done. Instead of two days, it actually ended up taking three, but that's ok. We were outside swinging last night until about 10:00pm!

The boys will be flying to Atlanta to spend a couple of weeks with their family there in June. Then Sean will be flying alone to Oregon to stay with Grandma Laurie and Grandpa Larry for the first week of August. He's going to get some air miles this summer! Hopefully he won't be spending it with a cast like he did last summer! No more broken bones, please! I know that Grandma and Grandpa are excited to have him there, and they have a lot of things planned for him. He's very excited about the trip.

That's all for now, folks!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My poor baby

As if he hasn't been through enough with his teeth already, Sean now has to have his two lower wisdom teeth removed. During his monthly orthodontic appointment yesterday, x-rays revealed that the two lower wisdom teeth have grown in impacted, and are putting direct pressure on the molars, directly conflicting with what the braces are trying to do. So, it's off to the oral surgeon for Sean. He's not thrilled with the fact that he's going to have to go through this, but he does know that it will all be worth it in the end.

And yes, this is just another thing for Sean that is ahead of schedule since most people don't even get their widsom teeth until their late teens or early twenties! He's twelve and already has them!!!