Sunday, February 28, 2010

Game #4

Another tie after two innings of overtime. I never get sick of watching Brendan play. Next game is tomorrow night, and we are hoping to leave their field with a win instead of another tie!
My lefty up to bat.

A ground ball coming to the outfield, and he's on it!

Batter up!
Bad pitches, a good eye, and he's walking to first base.
Ready to steal second (and he did).
On 3rd, and ready to steal home...
A crazy slide into home for a run (on the steal)
And he's down after the steal from 3rd (getting up from the slide).

Wearing the catchers gear to warm up the pitcher for the last inning.

The girl

Love her.

Preparing for baby

While we were watching Brendan's game this afternoon we watched this Osprey pick up sticks around the fields, fly to the top of the light pole, and build his/her nest. It was just neat to watch.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Driving time

So Sean's birthday has come and gone, and he wasted NO time in preparing to drive. This morning, while he was home from school, he took the online drug and alcohol test, passed it, and registered for the two remaining tests for later this week. So by the end of this week I will have a driving child! Thankfully he has to drive with me for the next year, but in all honesty I'm not concerned with him. He'll do just fine.

We didn't have a party today, but he did have on this past Saturday that ended with seven of his best friends (boys and girls) spending the night and the following day. They were a great bunch of kids, and they had a great time.

(Just before we started singing Happy Birthday-a few friends in the background)

I made his birthday cake for his party, so today he got to pick a dessert to have on his actual day. He chose a cheese danish. We spent the day together; me, Sean and one of his best friends, Aspen (I picked her up early from school, too). It was a nice day, and he got to do what he wanted to do-take the driving test!

Sean is the child that made me a mother. He is my first born, and so much like his mother that it almost isn't funny. He is a gentle boy in a giant's body. As most of you already know he came into this world at a whopping 11 lbs. and 23 inches, and he continues to blow the charts. At 15 he is 6'2" and 230 lbs., and wearing a size 16 in men's shoes. Nobody ever believes that he is as young as he is. However, those that really get to know Sean get a real treat. He has a heart of gold, and is willing to help anyone at the drop of a hat. He volunteers with me at Shriner's and Hope Lodge (for cancer patients), and he will be going to Peru with me and Tony this summer to help Dr. Lazzara and his house full of 30-50 sick children. Sean has always seen the best in everyone, and continues to do that now. When he is with these sick children he treats them just as he would any one of his friends-he sees past the illness, and through to the real person. He always has. There is one story that I often tell people that give insight into the type of person he is, and the ability that he has to put judgement of those that are different aside:

Sean was four, and in a daycare during the day while I worked (I was a single mom to Sean and Bren). A new girl came to the daycare, and was in Sean's "class". She had Down's Syndrome. I noticed that every day when I picked Sean up he would be sitting with her, playing games, singing, or doing arts and crafts-no different than he had ever done with any of the other children. After a couple of weeks of her attendance at the daycare his teacher pulled me aside one afternoon and told me that Sean was the only child in the class that would play with her. The others were constantly asking the teacher what was wrong with her, and seemed to be afraid of her. But Sean never saw that. She was his friend. The teacher told me that it was so heartwarming to her that Sean never pulled away from her. A few months later I was pulled into the office by the director, and in the office were the parents of the little girl. They, too, had noticed that every afternoon Sean was playing with their daughter, and they were touched. They had asked to speak to me, and they wanted to thank me for raising such a wonderful son, and for giving their daughter someone like him. They told me that she spoke often of Sean, and it was him that made her transition to the daycare as easy as it was.

That was Sean. That's who he was, and who he is now.

I love you, Sean. You are such a sweet, caring, loving, and intelligent young man, and I am so proud of what you have accomplished. More than anything I am happy that I am your mom, and you are my son.

Monday, February 22, 2010


It is officially 2/22 here, which means that I have a 15 year old son! He's in bed (he's my early to bed, early to rise child), but he does get to stay home from school tomorrow, and spend some time with his mom (lucky me!). He had a party on Saturday evening here at our house, and we ended up with 7 teenage boys and girls sleeping here (oh, boy). I'll post more about my firstborn tomorrow, and share pictures of his party.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Nuclear Cowboyz

I know it's not a clear picture (it was taken on Brian's phone just a few minutes ago), but this is Brendan at the St. Pete Times Forum for the Nuclear Cowboyz motorcross show tonight. As you can see they are in the front row-nothing but the tarp covered area ahead of them. The doors were just opened to let them in, and the show starts in about 30 minutes. He's going to have a blast. These are stunt riders, and he loves that kind of stuff (he's an adrenalin junkie).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bean bag

Guess where Marley's favorite place to sleep is?

Erin's red bean bag. She's loved it since the day we brought her home. It's so cute. She jumps into it, gets settled, and that's it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First game of the season

And boy was it a game. It was cold, a night game, and it ended up going FOUR hours before being called. The two teams had been tied since the fourth inning, and continued to be tied until the field manager called the game at 10pm-on a "school night". Needless to say the boys were exhausted, but they had a blast. I didn't get any good pictures because I was sitting back by the concession stand so that the wind wasn't blowing on me, and zoomed in the pictures aren't great. But this was when Bren went up to bat for his first at bat.

They had batting practice tonight, and their next game is Saturday afternoon. Hopefully it will be a normal game length!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New tattoo

No, no. It's not mine. I could never get a tattoo, but my mom has two! This is her latest. It's on her right shoulder blade, and it represents her grandchildren. Each yellow rose represents a living grandchild, and the white rose represents my son, Jacob (born still on 12/19/01).

Do YOU have a tattoo? If so, where is it, and of what is it?

Marley and Anah Belle

We took the two puppies to Howard Park today. It was Marley's first time in the Gulf. She wasn't crazy about it, but I'm sure once Brian is able to get in with her she will be right in with him. He can't go anywhere without her.

Lemon Cornmeal Cake

I am a huge fan of anything lemon, and so when I see a new recipe with lemon I always try it. This was no exception, and I'm so glad that I tried it. It is absolutely delicious, and so easy to make. If you love lemon you will not want to miss this one. The recipe can be found here.

Lemon Cornmeal Cake

Thursday, February 11, 2010

S'more cheesecake

Brendan is a huge fan of cheesecake, and asked for one for his birthday today. So I made one that I've made a couple of times, and had rave reviews each time. If you love chocolate and marshmallows then you'll love this. The recipe can be found here, and it's super easy. Make SURE you refrigerate it overnight before eating it.

Birthday boy

Today I am the mother of two teenage boys. Brendan is 13. Well, tonight at 10:19pm he will officially be 13, but we'll just celebrate all day.

He got to stay home from school (as they always do on their birthday), and has requested pizza and garlic knots from a local pizza place behind our house. For his birthday cake he requested a cheesecake, so I've made a s'mores cheesecake (will post pictures of it and the recipe tomorrow). He got a mini refrigerator for his room (already stocked with lots of different drinks, too), and tonight we are going to Best Buy to get some kind of controller that he wants for his Xbox 360.

Brendan is still my little booboo, and he always will be. The thing that I love is that he loves being my booboo, and is STILL very much a momma's boy. He is a serious snuggler, and enjoys laying in bed with me, holding my hand, and showing his affection no matter who is around.

Happy birthday my sweet baby boy. I love you forever.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back to baseball

As I type this Brendan is out on the baseball field in our chilly (cold) 47 degree weather. It's the first practice of the spring season, and I'm excited. I love watching him play, and miss it during the breaks in between seasons. Brendan was drafted onto the Phillies this year, and despite my despise for Philadelpia sports teams (except the Flyers), I will cheer him and his team on every step of the way.

Happy birthday, Pam

Happy birthday to you; a devoted and loving mother, wife, sister, daughter, and my best friend.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

We're booked

Tickets have been purchased for a winter trip to the snowy land of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (actually we'll be staying in Deerfield). We'll be there from March 4-9. So while thousands of people come to sunny Florida for Spring Break we will be heading to the snow. The kids are excited to go tubing, play in the snow, and most importantly to see Aunt Angie, Uncle Steve, Alexis, Laura and Briana. Snow? Me? Really?

Can't wait to meet you, Lori!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Bending over backwards...

...for fun!

Erin went to a free play at a local place named EXCEL 360. It's a gymnastics, bouncy house, trampoline, 'do whatever is fun' kind of place. Several of her friends from school were there on Friday, because they hosted a fun night this past Friday. I was volunteering at Shriner's, but Brian took her, and Lars' mom, Tina, took this picture for me. I love it.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010