Monday, March 30, 2009

A bike ride at Starkey Park

We went for a bike ride at Starkey Park this evening.  It's a great park just a few miles from our house, and they have wonderful bike trails (paved and unpaved).  There are also picnic shelters, a huge playground, and a campsite.  Tonight while we rode we saw a deer (she was about ten feet away from me before she ran off behind us) and probably 15 or so armadillos.  It's another benefit to riding at this park.

These pictures were taken using Sean's Canon point and shoot.  It's much easier to manage while riding a bike than my SLR.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday with Tony and Maddox

Today was a very relaxing day.  This whole weekend has been, and it's been nice.  The weather is beautiful, there's a cool breeze, and the kids have spent ALL DAY outside playing.  
Brendan pulling Maddox in the wagon along the side of our house.
Maddox, Tony and Bren went for a walk to the park in our neighborhood.

Brendan and Erin on the motorized scooter.
Tony and Maddox went for a ride next.

This little boy was exhausted (he was wearing one of Erin's sweaters because it started getting a bit chilly this evening).  He sat in the back yard just watching Erin swing.  

New haircut

Check out this girl!  She got about 5 inches cut off of her hair today, and it looks so cute.  She absolutely loves it, too.  
Posing again, in our front yard.

A fun weekend

On Friday afternoon my brother, Tony, and his youngest son, Maddox, arrived for the weekend. We spent the afternoon playing in the back yard (Maddox calls our back yard the "park" because of the big swing set), and just relaxed for the evening. Maddox is getting so big, and he is absolutely adorable.

Maddox loves lizards. He carried this one around for a while before letting it go back into the bushes.

Brendan had a game early on Saturday morning (10am), and then we came back home and played outside for a few more hours. Even Anah loved playing outside with everyone, and I managed to get a few cute shots of her.

Tony drove his car into the back yard and washed it while the kiddos played on the swing set.

Tough girl!

My Anah-banana.

Dirty feet from playing outside. SO MUCH FUN!
Yes, my girl loves to pose for pictures.

A tickle attack. I was tickling her while she was laying in the grass.

Maddox loved throwing sticks into the lake.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I managed to get a picture of each of my kiddos during their music lessons tonight (the glares in the pictures are because they are each in separate rooms, behind a glass door). 
Brendan during his drum lesson.

Erin during her piano lesson (even though you can't see her very well).

And Sean during his piano lesson.  
Sean is practicing "Imagine" by John Lennon for an upcoming recital, and it sounds FABULOUS!  

I love listening to all of them play their music.  

Flower girl

While Brendan played his game, Erin and a friend picked these little flowers (weeds).  They kept themselves busy for two hours by picking them, throwing them up in the air, making a "garden" with them, etc.  She even let me take a few pictures of her with them.

Another win

The Red Sox won another game.  This time they ended the game 30 minutes early by beating the Indians 11-1 (10 run rule).  Just a couple of pictures of Bren as he waited on third base, and then as he came into home on the next hit by his teammate.  

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday visit with Papa


Another set of monkey bars!

Even with an Orange Crush mustache my girl is beautiful! This is a dress that Erin picked out while we were in Oregon last weekend. It's her official Spring dress, and she loves it.