Saturday, August 23, 2008


I snapped this picture of a dragonfly on the screen, and I just thought it was neat. I've always thought they are beautiful little creatures, and the coloring in the body and wings of this one is just so pretty (click the picture to see larger image).

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Star light, star bright...

As Erin was walking into the house last night this was what she said:

Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I want tonight

I wish I could make the whole environment clean, and there was no trash on the ground.

I have the most wonderful life.

Those were her exact words. I came in, and immediately wrote them down in her baby book so that I would never forget them because I just thought it was so sweet. She is always so concerned with the "environment" (something she learned about in pre-k), and she gets very upset about litter. But when I heard her say that she thinks that she has a "wonderful life" I just wanted to melt. It was so unprovoked and sincere, and she was standing there looking up at the stars as she was saying it. She is my angel.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

A great day

Erin had a great first day, but unfortunately she won't have a great second day tomorrow.  School has been cancelled tomorrow due to hurricane Fay approaching us.  She is disappointed.

However, we waited in the car circle to pick her up, and as we approached we were greeted with the biggest smile. You can just tell that she had a fabulous day, can't you?

And they're off

All three of my kiddos are in school, and it is awfully quiet here in the house.  There was so much excitement this morning, and we all just had so much fun.

Sean and Bren had to be at the bus stop at 8:15am so Erin and I saw them off.  Their bus stop is at the end of our street so they don't have far to go, and the school is only a mile and 1/2 away. Bren was so excited to be starting middle school.  

Erin was up early with anticipation, and she wanted to be up to see the boys off.  Every minute or two she asked if it was time to go.  Finally, we headed out the door to go.

Just to make sure that she remembered the way to her class we let her lead the way all the way to the class.  She went straight there.

Once in Mrs. Green greeted her, and asked her if she could figure out where her backpack and lunch box would go.  She spotted them and got them put away.

Then Mrs. Green took her to answer the question of the day (this will be done every day-different question each day).

She came over and gave us each a big squeeze and kiss, and then went right to her desk to start working on a project that she was given to work on until everyone arrived.  I snapped a couple of pictures, including the one below, before she pointed to the door and mouthed "OUT".  

She's going to have a fantastic day.  As we headed out Lars (Erin's "boyfriend") was coming in.  I snapped a quick picture of him, gave him a high-five, and he was off, too.  They came over last night for ice cream cake to celebrate these two heading off to school, and the picture below is of the two of them playing in the back yard after having cake.  They have been the best of friends for four years.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Swimming with daddy

Erin and daddy had a little "day before school starts" swim today. We've had to keep her extra busy today just to keep her mind off of the big day tomorrow. She is SUPER excited, and it's all she is wanting to talk about. She wanted to pack her first school lunch three days ago.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sean's first flying lesson

His first lesson was scheduled for last Saturday, but due to bad weather it was rescheduled to today. He also had a different instructor, but as it turns out he really likes the instructor that he had today...David.

Then they got in and did the onboard inspection, and got everything ready to go.

And finally the engine was started, and it was time to go...

When they came in Sean had the biggest smile on his face. The entire time he was gone (they flew out over the Gulf of Mexico) we were talking about how much fun we knew he was having, because we knew how much he was looking forward to this. I was so happy for him, and not a bit nervous.

Afterwards they pushed the plane back into place (planes don't go in reverse), got everything put away and hatched down, and he was done.

The instructor said that Sean is "a natural". Sean had the controls the entire flight with the exception only of take-off and landing. To say that he is ready to continue on with his lessons is an understatement. He was ready to go back up the second he landed!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Orientation for Erin

It went as I expected.  She wanted to stay and start school today.  She even asked her teacher if she could stay.  The girl was definitely in her element!

We went to the cafeteria to get her teacher assignment, and to let them know that she will be a car rider/bike rider. She found a few of her friends, and had a smoothie while she waited.

Then it was off to find her class.  We told her the room number and let her lead the way...

She found it, and she was so excited (She knows the school pretty well since she has two older brothers that attended here).  

She ran in, immediately walked over to her teacher and introduced herself (without either of us beside her).  After chatting with Mrs. Greene (she was Bren's teacher in 1st and 2nd grade) for a few minutes she was asked to go up to the board to answer a question, and her eyes lit up.  She promptly answered "YES".

We also met her math and reading teachers, and she found the desks for lots of her friends.  As we were leaving she saw one of her very best friends, and she took off running to her.  

She just had a great time, and really cannot wait for Monday to get here.  The excitement in her voice when she talks about school is wonderful.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The boys are ready

Sean and Bren had their school orientation today. We picked up their class schedules, met their teachers, and checked out their classes. They each have five academic classes and an elective in middle school, so they change classes six times each day. This will be a big change for Brendan, because in elementary here they only change classes three times each day! He's excited though. Sean is even more excited to be one of the "seniors" of the middle school, and to be moving on to highschool next year.

Erin's orientation is tomorrow, and then they all start school on Monday. I start back for fall term the following Monday so it's busy around here.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dedicated daddy

Right after bath tonight Erin decided that she wanted to "do" daddy's hair.  So she made him sit in a little chair, she got out the hair dryer, a bunch of her barrettes and a brush, and she went to town for about 15 minutes...
...and this was the end result.  So cute daddy!  

Always such a willing participant for his girl, too.
Check out the ponytail holder (lime green) just sitting on top of his head!

Seven years

Seven years ago today the boys and I moved to Tampa Bay, and it was the best move we ever made!  I moved here because I was offered the job at Actsoft (where I am still employed-seven years today as well), and this is by far the most beautiful place I have lived.  I hope to never have to leave.  I've lived in a few different states (NJ, NC, CO & FL) and in Japan, and right here is where I would choose to be (although Japan is a very close second) if given the choice all over again.  This place is pure paradise, and has proven to be everything and more that we could ever want and need.  I'm a Florida native, and I've lived in several cities within Florida, too...but nothing beats this place.  

This is home.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Phone trouble

If you have called me in the past week and I didn't answer, or called and left me a voicemail and I didn't respond (in the past week) it is because I am having a major problem with my phone.  I just realized today that my phone is not ringing most of the time when calls are being placed to me.  I also got a notification of three voicemails today from early LAST WEEK.  I did a test and had my phone in my hand, had Brian call me, and my phone didn't ring (yes, I have the ringer on, and it's not on 'silent').  I have a ticket in place with AT&T, and they are trying to find out what is going on, but in the meantime if you need to contact me and you can't reach me on my phone just email me and I'll call you back.

Art first thing in the morning

The first thing Erin wanted to do when she woke up this morning was PAINT! She's still at it, and has been for about an hour and 1/2.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Another evening at Papa's house

The boys had a good time with the little boat behind Papa's house. Erin just had fun picking flowers, oranges that weren't yet ripe, and chasing lizards.

My dad is a single engine plane pilot, and he has a flight simulator on his computer, too.  Erin learned how to fly it, and now she loves it.  She does amazingly well on it, too.