Saturday, September 23, 2006

This isn't fun

Using this device and expanding Sean's jaw is not fun. I felt bad doing it to him and I could tell that it was hurting him despite the fact that he didn't say anything. He just let me do it, took his Advil and went straight to bed. Poor kid. 29 more days to do this before that thing is removed. I can't wait.

Both are still having a hard time eating. Today Brendan had a frozen yogurt from Costco, a cup of applesauce and a serving of macaroni and cheese. Sean had frozen yogurt, chocolate pudding and a few bites of lasagna that we made for dinner but he couldn't eat much of it. I know they are hungry and they drink a lot of milk to compensate for the lack of food. I feel for them.

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angellgood said...

Tell the boys that I feel for them and all the ortho work. What a pain. But good teeth in the future are worth it. (ie, girls like nice teeth...ha!).