Monday, February 12, 2007

And the spotlight is all hers

After signing WHAT'S UP

Just being silly before she ran back to me

She picked me a flower, but uprooted the entire plant

Twirling for all to see

Running back towards me

Just being the sweet little girl that she is

We took Sean, Bren and Erin to Islands of Adventure this weekend (with a couple of Sean's friends). While Erin and I were waiting for everyone else to get off of one of the rides, she decided to have a show of her own. While I sat at a table, she ran back and forth between me and the fence, she danced, she name it. She couldn't have cared less about the thousands of people that were walking by her at all times. A lot of people actually stopped to watch her, commenting on how pretty and amusing she is. One young man even commented that "she's going to be a star one day". I just sat there, watching her, smiling, and taking it all in. She makes me laugh every day.

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michelle said...

wow. my computer has been down for a few days last week and i missed alot on your blog.
i love the first picture of erin in this post. what a personality!!
and the other posts about the boys... wow. what great kids you have.