Thursday, April 12, 2007


The long anticipated box arrived at almost 10pm!

Barely able to stand the wait, they finally dug in

Going through each of the bags inside of the box.

21 Webkinz!!

Erin and her "girlie" Webkinz. Terrier, Yorkie & Poodle

A few happy kids

If you haven't heard of Webkinz yet, something is wrong. They are the newest "hot item" for kids, and the addiction is spreading quickly. They are cute little stuffed animals that come to life in a virtual world online. Around here, you can't find them ANYWHERE. Literally every store that sells them is sold out, and continues to sell out within an hour of getting more in stock. So...Grandma and Grandpa to the rescue!! They sent Sean, Bren and Erin 21 Webkinz!!! Most people around here can't even find ONE, let alone 21. Grandma and Grandpa even have their own, and they play online with Sean and Bren almost every day. Again, thank you Grandma Laurie and Grandpa Larry.

Oh, and by the way, when they realized that they were in such hot demand, they drove over 30 miles away to find a store that carried them in Oregon. You guys are the best! And...they have more on their way to us!!

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Anonymous said...

That's the look Grandma and Grandpa love putting on our Grandchildren's faces. We plan on doing even more of that. Love you all, Grandma