Monday, November 24, 2008

Last game of the season

That's right.  No more baseball for over a month.  Bren's fall season is over, and it was a great one for him.  He grew so much this year, and he's definitely ready for the challenges ahead of him in the Major league that awaits him in the spring.  This will be the best situation for him.  The kids in the Majors are in it for real-like he is.  There have to try out to get on the teams, and you have to be GOOD to make it.  You can't just choose to be on the team. The umpires are officials from the county, not team coaches-so there's a lot less partiality (that makes Bren so angry).  It's a lot more competitive, full-on, serious baseball.  And that is exactly what Bren is looking forward to and expecting.  He's ready for it.  He's been ready for it. He's an all around player.  He's got one hell of a pitching arm, and he can hit the ball like crazy (you should have been there to see the triple he hit yesterday-and it wasn't a triple with errors!).  

So he'll take a break for the next several weeks, practice at home, and then get started in the Majors in January. Thankfully for him (and for me since I love to watch him) baseball is year 'round here.

Pitching in the last game of the year-he pitched FOUR of the six innings


Grandma & Grandpa Larry said...

Way to go Bren. With that pitching arm you have those major leaguers better watch out. We are very excited for you also. Love and Miss you very much.

The Mrs. and Mom said...

Nice job, dude. Hope to see you strike out some more batters! Stay in shape. :)