Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Villa La Paz

I do quite a bit of volunteering at three different hospitals around the Tampa area (including Shriners Hospital), and have a wonderful opportunity to get hands-on experience with patients. However, a fabulous opportunity has come my way, and I am more than excited. Dr. Lazzara, the founder of Villa La Paz in Lima, Peru, has invited those of us in the pre-med AMSA group at USF to come spend some time with him and the 30+ children that he takes care of. Unfortunately the majority of the group are not able to go, but I am, and I'm taking Sean (my oldest son) and Tony (my brother) with me. I purchased the tickets last night, and Dr. Lazzara will be providing full room and board in the same house that he and the children live while we are there. We will be working around the clock to help take care of the severely handicapped and ill children-for two weeks.

Our trip is not until this coming summer, but I am already counting down the days. Sean is just as excited as I am, and this is going to be an awesome experience for him since he, too, wants to go into medicine.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Lazzara and his life's work in Lima, Peru then go to http://www.villalapazfoundation.org/index.htm. I met Dr. Lazzara a couple of months ago, and I cannot wait to be there and be a part of his "team". I have a feeling it won't be my only trip.

***Updated to add a link to my Pre-med AMSA group site where two videos of Dr. Lazzara and Villa La Paz are located. http://www.usfpamsa.com/charity.htm


Mom said...

How long will you all be there? worry, worry, worry!!!!!

Michelle said...

We'll be there for exactly two weeks, mom. No need to worry!

The Mom said...

Can't wait to hear all about it! What a tremendous opportunity. :)