Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Wisconsin pictures

Brian arrived tonight, and I downloaded these pictures from his camera.

This first group of pictures are some of the goodies that we have while we were there. The cow cheese was one of the treats in the bucket of items from Steve and Angie's neighbor, Deb. Brian and Erin ended up eating it. Imagine that...a cow shaped cheese from Wisconsin!

The baked goodies were from the Pine Cone Truck Stop. I understand that there are a couple of them in Wisconsin. These were the largest donuts, pastries and cookies I've ever seen. A cream puff that was over 4 inches high, and the chocolate eclair was more than 8 inches long and weighed 3-4 pounds. The Wisconsin Badger cookie was almost as large as Brian's head...and that is big!

Brian's mom, Kathy, sent pj's for the girls to wear while we were there, and they were so excited about them. The first night there they all went through them, tried on different sets, and finally decided on the one for the night. They were happy to model them, too. Oh, and Erin still had on her snow boots.
Erin and Alexis decided to sleep together the second night that we were there. It didn't end up lasting all night, but while they were sleeping Brian took pictures and a video of them. They were both snoring away. Don't they both look so beautiful sleeping?

Erin, Samantha, Alexis, and Briana.
Erin, Alexis, Samantha, Laura and Briana at the International Festival in downtown Madison.
(l) Samantha and Alexis and (r) Brendan sledding by the house.
Steve and Laura.
Erin, Alexis, Briana, and Laura on the front porch of the house just before we left for the airport.


Mom said...

Great pictures and looks like a whole lot of fun. Love you Oh, Larry put some more pictures on his blog also.

Mom said...

What beautiful children.