Friday, July 27, 2007

All made up

Erin and I had a "girls day" last Sunday. The two of us went to the mall together, did some shopping, and then she got a makeover at Diva N Dudes. This was her second time having a makeover there, and she was totally in her element. Picking out barrettes, hair extensions, glitter colors, etc. It's so cute to watch her. Afterwards she and I had dinner together before heading back home to color. Here are a few pictures of her after her makeover.

Picking out hair clips before getting started (taken with my phone, so not very clear)

Leaving the mall

At home, hiding the picture that she was coloring so that I wouldn't see it (it was for me!)

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michelle said...


i want a place like that around here!!so so so cute and so special for you and erin to be doing stuff like that.