Thursday, July 19, 2007

They're home

The boys got home the night before last, but with finals yesterday I didn't have time to update. I'm so happy to have them home.

They really did have a great time with Larry, Martha, Madalyn and Trevor this summer. For Christmas last year Larry and Martha bought each of the boys their own dune buggies, so this was their first time being able to ride them. They had a blast with them, and every time I called they went on and on about how much fun they were. I'm so glad that Larry got each of them their own so that they were able to ride along with one another, and with their little sister on her pink camouflage four wheeler. They also took a trip to Tennessee to visit Martha's family, and Larry took all of the recreation vehicles with them so that they could play there, too. Apparently Martha's family has a lot of land as well.

The boys made homemade doughnuts with Martha one evening, and they really enjoyed that as well. They spent a lot of time out on the boat, and just playing with the other kids in the neighborhood.

I'll have them both home now until the 30th, and then Sean will be leaving to go to Oregon for two weeks. He is very excited about meeting Grandma and Grandpa for the first time, and spending time with them. He is literally counting down the days. He's not the slightest bit nervous about his first cross country flight by himself. I guess the flights that he and Bren take by themselves back and forth to Atlanta every year have seasoned him up a bit.

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