Thursday, October 25, 2007

Various pictures

These are just a few random shots from this past weekend that I'm late putting up on the blog. Why? I've had the flu. It's been a fun week.

The picture of Erin in the window is at a pizza shop at Clearwater Beach that is owned by our next door neighbor, Eric. He and his wife, from Philadelphia, own the little shop, and we occassionally go down to visit them at the shop, eat some good pizza, and then watch the sunset (the shop is one block from the beach). Erin was inside of the shop (Eric is standing behind Erin) looking out at me when I took the picture.


Pam said...

Those are some beautiful shots! I'm sorry you're sick.

michelle said...

looooooooove the first one of brian and erin. love love love it. gorgeous!

Kim said...

Oh poor Mama, that is the worst when you're sick. Hope you're feeling better.
Love the photos! Yum...Philly pizza! Is it as good as the pizza we had there??