Friday, March 14, 2008

3/11 Crater Lake

On Tuesday we visited Crater Lake. I was really excited to go there, because I have studied Crater Lake in depth, and know a lot about the geology of the caldera. It was amazing to experience it in person, and to be able to share the experience with my children. The temperature in Grants Pass (where my mom lives) has been in the upper 50's, but as you can see it is MUCH colder up in Crater Lake. The average snow fall at Crater Lake is 45 feet. Not 4-5 feet, but 45 feet! The picture that you see of the building (with Brendan on the top of it) is a three story building, and the snow was that high up to the building. It was about 25 feet high while we were there. It's just amazing. Along the sides of the road you see snow, and it's not that deep because it has been plowed. It's that deep because it is just that deep. 

If you ever have the chance I highly suggest that you visit Crater Lake. It truly is one of the most spectacular places I have ever visited, especially this time of the year with the snow covered mountains all around it. It's breathtaking.

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