Monday, March 10, 2008


I couldn't post about it here before now, because my mom reads my blog regularly. We surprised her yesterday (my step-dad knew we were coming, and has been arranging this with me for a couple of months) by showing up at her house in Oregon!

I haven't seen my mom since 1993, and she had never met Bren, Erin or Brian before now (Sean flew out and spent two weeks here last summer with them). Her birthday is this week, so we decided to surprise her, and show up unexpectedly for a week. She nearly passed out after she walked into her living room to see the five of us sitting there on her couch (she had gone up to the store when we arrived).

I'll be uploading pictures all week, but here is one that I took of Grandma and Grandpa last night with Sean, Bren and Erin.

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Pam said...

SO cool! Can't wait to see more pictures--keep 'em coming! Have a great time. *hug*