Sunday, April 20, 2008

More baseball

Bren had a great game yesterday. He did some great pitching (as usual), but he also made a couple of awesome plays in the outfield. During the second inning he made a double play by himself by catching a line drive and then tagging a base runner! The parents went crazy, and I was screaming like a maniac (nothing new).

It amazes me sometimes that Brendan hasn't gotten tired of playing after all of this time. He plays all year long with only a couple of weeks to break in between the Spring and Fall season each year. Thankfully we live in a climate that allows him to play year round. When you watch him play you can really tell that this sport is his passion, and I really do have a good time just sitting there watching him. I get a little crazy at times, and I am "one of those parents" that is up at the fence cheering and yelling throughout the game. They can get pretty rough out there at times (just watch these kids coming in to home...whew!), as you can see from one of the pictures of Bren at home plate trying to get an opposing team member out.

Enjoy the pictures from yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Love you, Grandma & Grandpa Larry

Mama Celeste said...

He looks great out there! Like a professional pitcher. GO FOR HIM! I can almost hear you screaming all the way up here in Ohio :)