Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kowalski vacation

Steve, Angie, Matt and the girls left on Tuesday morning. It was so nice having them here, and we already miss them. The girls are truly some of the best-behaved children I have ever been around, and they made the week so enjoyable. Ana stole my heart with her contagious smile, constant waving, and silly giggle (as well as being a willing subject for my constant picture taking!). Alex is such an easy going little girl-so easy to please with a heart of gold. It was so nice to be able to celebrate her birthday here with her. And Laura...well she and Erin are one and the same child. They are both adventurous, outgoing, and always looking for a challenge. They are the "keep you on your toes" girls. Sweet as can be.

This post will be heavy on the pictures, but these are just a sample of the many that were taken while they were here for a week. Enjoy!


Briana (Ana)
The Kowalski brothers, Steve, Matt & Brian (l-r)

Matt getting ready to throw Bren in the water


Angie and Ana at the baseball field

Alexis (Alex)

Laura and Uncle Matt at Clearwater Beach
Laura and her Godfather, Uncle Brian


The birthday girl, Alex, and little sister Laura after Build A Bear
Uncle Matt and Ana

The four girls at the cottage
Happy birthday, Alex!


Steve and Ana (aka mini Steve)

All of the Kowalski's together in Brian & Michelle's den

Uncle Matt and Alex


Anonymous said...

Wow, great pictures! Grandma & Grandpa Larry

Kim said...

Looks like you really did have an amazing time! What fabulous pictures, as always :)