Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Finished with the school year

Sean and Bren are officially finished with school for the year. Today was the last day, and they both completed another year with honor roll. I'm so proud of my boys. Sean is really excited for 8th grade next year, and Bren is anxious, excited, and a bit scared about middle school (6th grade). He'll be just fine, because he'll have his big brother there with him.

To celebrate their accomplishments for the year we went out for ice cream tonight after I got home from school at about 9:30pm! It was a late, but nice treat.

So in just a couple more months all three of my kiddos will officially be in "real" school. Erin is absolutely ecstatic about kindergarten. The girl is reading like an absolute pro now, doing addition and subtraction like crazy...just completely ready to go. We aren't even able to spell words in front of her to keep her from knowing what we are saying any more, because most of the time she ends of figuring out what we spelled! She's a trip.

Sean and Bren will be flying up to their dad's in a few weeks, and I know that they are anxious to see all of their family there (including you Aunt Jodie!). I miss them like crazy for the couple of weeks that they are gone, but I know that they have a blast while they are there. They may also be going back out to Oregon this summer, so we'll have to see what the summer has in store for them!


Aunt Jodie said...

Wow..way to go Sean and Bren!! Yes..we are all excited to see the boys again. I can't believe how much they keep growing! Good luck in your school Michelle!! And Erin...already able to addition and subtraction!! that is great!

Grandma & Grandpa Larry said...

Way to go Sean, Bren, and Erin. Grandma and Grandpa Larry are very proud of all of you including you to Michelle. Very proud of my grandchildren and daughter. Anxious to see if the boys are going to be able to come out to Oregon this summer. We miss you all.