Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pam and Michelle time!!!!!!!

It's our trip time, and this time we are headed to Columbus, Ohio at the end of July. It's a dual-purpose trip, because I want to see the home where my great grandparents lived. I also want to spend some time at Ohio State University where my great grandfather taught as the department head of the school of dentistry after he retired as a dental surgeon from the Army. This is where they both lived until my great grandfather died.

I am so excited to see Pam again, and to be going on another one of our trips. I love that we do this!

The two of us on our flight to Boston (2007)


Kim said...

Aw, how fun!!! One of these times you two should take a trip out my way :) Have a fantastic time (I know you will!)

Mom said...

WAY TO GO MICHELLE!!!!!!!! You deserve a break and some fun with your best friend. Love You, Mom

Pam said...

Whee! Can't wait to see you! xo

Rhonda said...

Have fun with Pam!! Tell her I said hello. I haven't spoken with her in forever! A girls weekend away sounds wonderful. :)

Mama Celeste said...

Columbus is about 2.5 hours from me and I wish I could meet you. But end of July is the court hearing and (hopefully) our move to Maine. I need to enroll my kids in school! I know you and Pam will have a great time. Shop at Easton for me... you will love it :)