Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The boys are ready

Sean and Bren had their school orientation today. We picked up their class schedules, met their teachers, and checked out their classes. They each have five academic classes and an elective in middle school, so they change classes six times each day. This will be a big change for Brendan, because in elementary here they only change classes three times each day! He's excited though. Sean is even more excited to be one of the "seniors" of the middle school, and to be moving on to highschool next year.

Erin's orientation is tomorrow, and then they all start school on Monday. I start back for fall term the following Monday so it's busy around here.


Pam said...

Wow, summer really *is* just about over. Sean, be nice to the younger kids (I know you will!). Bren, you'll do great. Erin, wear something flowy the first day; you'll be more comfortable.

Grandma & Grandpa Larry said...

Can't believe it's school time already. I imagine the boys are kind of liking the idea of being in the same school. Proud of both of you Bren and Sean and love you very very much, Grandma& Grandpa Larry