Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sean's first flying lesson

His first lesson was scheduled for last Saturday, but due to bad weather it was rescheduled to today. He also had a different instructor, but as it turns out he really likes the instructor that he had today...David.

Then they got in and did the onboard inspection, and got everything ready to go.

And finally the engine was started, and it was time to go...

When they came in Sean had the biggest smile on his face. The entire time he was gone (they flew out over the Gulf of Mexico) we were talking about how much fun we knew he was having, because we knew how much he was looking forward to this. I was so happy for him, and not a bit nervous.

Afterwards they pushed the plane back into place (planes don't go in reverse), got everything put away and hatched down, and he was done.

The instructor said that Sean is "a natural". Sean had the controls the entire flight with the exception only of take-off and landing. To say that he is ready to continue on with his lessons is an understatement. He was ready to go back up the second he landed!

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Grandma & Grandpa Larry said...

WAY TO GO SEAN, WHOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! We're very proud of you. Love you very much.