Friday, May 08, 2009

Take two

In March 2008 when we took a vacation to Oregon my mom and step-dad bought me an "End of the Trail" statue while we were at the Redwoods.  I loved it, and couldn't wait to get it home.  However, I made a huge mistake by checking it with my luggage on the flight home (despite the fact that it was properly packaged).  The box, which was marked FRAGILE, and was taped shut, had been opened by security after we checked it, and had not been repackaged properly.  As a result, when we got it back at the airport in Tampa it was in about 1,000 pieces.  I filed a claim, but it was rejected (they said that they did nothing wrong).

So I got a package from UPS last night, and in it is the "End of the Trail" statue.  They made the 1.5 (3 hours total) hour trip back down to California to buy me another one for Mother's Day this year.  I was ecstatic, because despite searching for something similar here I have been unsuccessful.  I'm so happy to finally have it properly displayed in my house right where it can be seen when anyone walks in the front door.  

Thank you mom and Larry!  I love it, and you guys are so thoughtful to go out of your way to get me another one.


Grandma & Larry said...

We are so glad that you finally have the statue. We are thrilled that it arrived in one piece and not a thousand. Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day. We Love You

Mom and Larry said...

Happy Mothers Day my sweet daughter, Love you, Mom

The Mrs. and Mom said...

That's a beautiful piece of art! How sweet of them to track down another piece for you, too. :)