Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back to the surgeon

My last back surgery worked well for relieving me of pain in my back, but unfortunately the herniation (far lateral disc herniation of L4 ad L5) is pressed against the L4 nerve root causing severe pain in my right leg, and it has increasingly become worse and worse. Over the past week it has become difficult to walk, and I have severe pain when I'm sitting, laying down, and especially when I'm driving (using my right leg to apply pressure to the gas pedal is torture).

So I'm back to the surgeon tomorrow morning, and will likely be having another surgery within the next few days (most likely Monday). My days will be back to this for a bit (these were my medications prescribed the week prior to my last surgery):

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Mom said...

Hey my sweet girl, you let me know what's going on before you have anything done, ok. You have to let Mom know, ok. I love you and I will be so happy for you when you don't have any more of that pain. Love you very very much, Mom