Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our tadpoles

A couple of months ago Erin and Lars collected tadpoles from a puddle after a big rain. We brought five of them home, and put them in a plastic container. The next day we only had three still alive.

Over the weeks we have watched them grow and grow. Originally they were just a couple millimeters long, but each day they seemed to grow substantially. The tails started getting shorter, and we eagerly anticipated the arrival of the legs.

Before we knew it we saw back legs appearing. Just two days ago they were about 1.5 centimeters long, and one of them had front and back legs, and the other two had back legs and the beginning of front legs. They were starting to crawl out of the plastic container so we took them down to the lake and let them go.

It was so neat watching them grow from the tiniest little things to nearly formed frogs. It was a great learning experience for Erin, too.

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Mom said...

Where are you keeping your new pets?