Sunday, April 11, 2010

The good stuff

About a month ago we made a change. I found a local meat farm-Rosas Farm-(chicken, bison, beef, pork, local seafood, etc.), and a wonderful local produce farm-Sweetwater Organic Farm. These two places are where we buy all of our meat and produce now, and it's amazing. The quality is unlike anything in any grocery store I've ever been in, and I know from where our food is coming now. It's a great feeling as a parent. Thankfully we live in a climate that affords us fresh produce year-round.

Today we spent the early afternoon at the produce farm, and we came home with five reusable grocery bags full of produce. Today's goodies included bananas, two types of green onions, parsley, collard greens (one of my favorites!), green beans, lemons, 5 different types of lettuce and kale, 4 dozen carrots, a large sweet onion, potatoes, and edible flowers (for a cake I'm going to make).

As I type Sean is preparing a meatloaf with some of the fresh ground beef from the farm, and steaming the fresh green beans that we got today. Since we started shopping at the farms he has become even more interested in cooking (I say "more", because he has always loved to cook), and I find myself cooking fewer days than he does now. It's a total win-win!

In addition to the goodies we get from the farms we get fresh citrus from one of Brian's customers. He came home on Friday with fresh lemons from the tree, and look at the size of them. On the left is a normal large lemon from a grocery store, and on the right is one from his customers tree. I see a couple of lemon cakes in the near future.


The Mom said...

omg, when do I show up??! Yummy!

Mom said...

Good job! What wonderful find you have there. You have always been a great Mom Michelle and you just keeping getting better every day. I applaud you my daughter with your busy schudle(sp). Love you

angie and steve said...

Awesome!!!! We don't get the fresh citrus here, but let me tell you....we spend EVERY Saturday morning in the summer at the farmer's market here to get all fresh produce and my boss is raising organic Angus cattle. He understands the importance of this to people like me with allergies ever since a conversation we had a while back. Fresh meats are so much better for all of us right :). You are lucky to have all of that year round and I am jealous.

Rhonda said...

I think that is AWESOME! I can not wait til my garden is ready!! Plus we travel to Michigan around first of August to a little farm market to purchase a ton of fresh fruit for canning. :)