Thursday, June 24, 2010

He got it

Another successful year for Sean in regards to getting the new iPhone on the day of release.
Sean's new phone

He arrived at the mall last night at about 10pm, and there were about 100 people there by then. Throughout the night and morning it got crazy, and by the time I arrived there this morning at 6:45am the line went down one side of the exterior of the mall, and then completely down and around another side. When I arrived Sean and his buddies from the night were next to go inside to the lines that were formed there.
The line of people next to go inside to the line in the building.
And then THE line. This went all the way down the side of the mall and around the corner.

Sean (second from the right in the white t-shirt, sipping a drink) and his line buddies just before we got to go inside. The woman in white was a journalist for a local paper.

Once inside we got to stand in line for another two hours.

The "golden ticket". This was a guarantee of a phone! They were passed out in the line early in the morning.

Finally, success! We were in, and left shortly after with Sean's new iPhone 4.

Sean playing with one of the display devices while our rep went to get a new device from the back.

I have to admit, it is pretty, but then again I'm a nut when it comes to Apple products. For all of those naysayers who have nothing but negative things to say about those who choose to go stay out there all night for "a silly gadget"...POO ON YOU! I say if someone is passionate about something and has the means to get it then GO FOR IT! Sean saved the money on his own, and paid every penny of the phone, activation, and early cancellation on his previous line. I'm proud of him for wanting something and having the motivation and desire to go after it. Besides, it means that I get to play with it until I get mine in August!

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