Monday, October 24, 2011

Disney Cup 2011

We are home from Orlando. We arrived at the track on Thursday evening to setup our tent and chairs and familiarize ourself with the setup for this year. Already there were almost no spots left for tents, but our team had already setup in a great place right along the third straight. Erin and Bren had racing all day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We were at the track for approximately 12 hours each day, and it was a blast. We were together with all of our team families and the owner of Hyperforce, Don DiBucci. Erin placed 2nd in class all three day, and 5th in her mixed open that she raced on Saturday (for her first time). Brendan had a tough class all weekend, racing the world champion in his age group and 35 others that have been expert for much longer than he. He still had a great time and raced his hardest, and he knows that he'll be right up there with them in the nationals next year.

Here are a bunch of pictures of our weekend at the Orlando BMX track. We are so lucky to be associated with such a great group of people. I've never been to any sports function where there is such a feeling of family.
Erin, in the green helmet towards the bottom, getting ready to go up for her practice laps.
Erin (right) and her friend, Bailey (next to her). Bailey is 6th in the country.
Here comes Erin...
Part of team Hyperforce-(l-r) Madison, Erin, Bren and Jesse.

Jesse during a practice lap.
Donnie racing 46-50 cruiser class.
Cute little Zuri sporting her "BMX SISTER" shirt.
Our home for three days.
My baby boy on the track.
Tony and Maddox.
Bailey again. Such a sweet girl.
Here comes Jesse again.
This is my little buddy, Caden. He is five years old. Yes, FIVE. He started racing this past April and he is so darn cute on the track.

Jackson, aka Big Bear at our track. This boy loves to jump.
Oops. These are the pro girls racing, and it looks like the one that crashed is doing a handstand.

More of team Hyperforce...Jesse and Morgan.

Erin and Big Boss, Don DiBucci. He is our team owner.
Logan, our six year old on Hyperforce, and Donnie in the background, our 46-50 class rider and Team Hyperforce Florida leader.
Mark and Brian doing a few last minute adjustments to Erin's bike before her last race of the day.

The days and nights were long, and it caught up to Kara. She was with us for the weekend.
It apparently caught up to Don, too!
Erin practicing her gate before another race.

The next and last big race of the year is the Grands in Oklahoma next month. It's not far away!

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Grandma said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Way to go Erin and Bren, very proud of you both. I swam compatition for 8 years while I was in school and some you win and some you don't just so you know in yourself you did your best is winning right there. Very proud of you as I said before and love you very much.