Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Erin is really thriving with the FLVS full time home schooling program this year. I'm so happy that we made this choice with her, and that she was and is as excited about it as she is. She is in all gifted/talented core academic classes (3rd/4th grade math, language arts, science and social studies), but she also has PE, art and an advanced test preparation class. She has already done multiple science projects, and she has four others going on right now. She's experimented with snails, ants, worms and plants. She's had WAY more hands on interaction with this program than she ever had in traditional school, and she seems to love this way of learning. She's learning about photosynthesis right now, and instead of just reading about it she has four experiments being run with actual plants in our house and outside. When she was learning about the different parts of an ant, snail and worm she got to inspect them in person (using live snails, worms and ants) instead of just looking at pictures in a book and reading about it.

In addition to her core academic courses she is allowed up to three elective courses each school year through FLVS. She has been wanting to learn Spanish for quite some time (probably since Victor started coming to our house), and so this year she has chosen Spanish I as her elective. I absolutely love that she gets to start learning a foreign language in elementary school instead of having to wait until high school. She is excited to start, and I have all of the confidence in her that she's going to excel in that just as she does in her other courses. She is extremely excited to be able to understand a little bit more of what Victor says when he is here twice each year, and she also knows that Spanish is something that will help her throughout her entire life.

I'm so proud of Erin and her accomplishments. She truly is a hard worker.
I took this picture of Erin in between my classes at USF. Since she's with me all day, every day she goes to all of my classes at USF with me. She works on her assignments on the laptop or reads during my classes, and she's already made her own friends in each of my classes. They all love having her there.

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