Friday, November 11, 2011

Follow up to Milking

As you read previously, I declined to pay the orthopedic surgeon the $35 to sign the work release so that I can start my job. Brian, however, went back to their office yesterday and paid the fee. The staff there knew that I was scheduled to start orientation this coming Monday, 11/14, and that the release had to be faxed to Mease Countryside Hospital (my employer) by noon on 11/11 in order for me to be able to attend orientation. I got a call this morning, 11/11, from the staff at Dr. Pigeon's office stating that he would not sign the release until I schedule an appointment with him to be seen, and that he would fill it out at that time. In addition, he would not be in the office until Monday, 11/14, and so would not be able to get the release signed prior to the noon deadline today. None of this crap about scheduling an appointment had been mentioned in the two previous trips to get the release signed. Since I currently have no medical insurance I would be a self-pay for the visit with Dr. Pigeon, and if you have any idea how much an orthopedic surgeon charges then you know that it isn't cheap. Not even for an office visit. I was even more angry at this point, telling the staff that I would not pay them another penny for this release, and that I will not be coming in for a visit. Brian called and was refunded for the signature on the work release, and I contacted Mease. The health care coordinator advised me that instead of getting the release signed by Dr. Pigeon I could make an appointment with the rehabilitation center that the hospital uses for their employees, that they could do the evaluation for free, and then they could sign the release for me so that I can start work. All at a cost of ZERO! So I have an appointment with the rehabilitation clinic on Monday, but this does mean that my orientation has to be delayed until 11/28. It was going to be delayed either way, but at least this way the office of Dr. Pigeon will not see another penny from me.

I requested and received a copy of my entire medical records from Dr. Pigeon's office today via email, and will no longer do any business with them. This doctor was paid in excess of $70,000 for my two surgeries, and the fact that they attempted to charge me for a signature on a release form and then force me to pay for another appointment is beyond what I am willing to do. In speaking with one of the office staff at his office yesterday I found out that he charges these fees "because he can". Well, he may be able to get other people to pay them, but he won't see it from me. I know I mean nothing to him in the grand scheme of things, but it makes ME feel better, and right now that is all that matters to me.


The Mom said...

YAY YOU! That's my girl. *heart*

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Rhonda said...

Good for you!! I don't blame you one bit for being upset over this. So sad how doctors try to nickel and dime everything!