Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The past couple of weeks have been a blur. I'm hoping for a bit of a break now.

Last Monday I got a call from Grandma B that she was being admitted at Baptist Hospital with a blood clot in her arm. Within ten minutes I was on the road to Jacksonville. The days following were nothing short of chaotic. During a procedure to attempt to break apart and suction the clot her heart stopped beating and she had to be resuscitated. The doctor quickly came to get me and allowed me to be with her while they continued to work on her, and it is an image that will stay with me for the rest of my life. However, over the days following, and despite a few setbacks, she started to recuperate. She's been in ICU since last Tuesday, and as of today will be sent back to a regular room. I came home this past Saturday, but only after Bart (from Orlando) and Chris (from Australia) arrived there to be with her. I'm so thankful for her medical staff. The nurses that were there with her around the clock were amazing, and I was so thankful for such capable hands. I have no doubt that she'll be back to herself in no time.

Today Brian and Erin left for Tulsa, Oklahoma. Erin is currently #13 in the country for 8 year old girls, and by competing in the Grands she has the opportunity to move into the top 10. Those that know her don't doubt that it will happen. The Grands is the Superbowl of BMX. It's the last big race of the year, and it's huge. Thousands of people from all over the world, and the best racers. She'll be racing Thursday through Sunday, and the entire event will be broadcast live on www.go211.com. Erin has really excelled in BMX, taking 1st place in the state, and now competing for a NAG (National Age Group) plate. I'm so proud of her.

Two more weeks of school for me, and the semester cannot end soon enough.

I'll be back with pictures and videos of Erin in Oklahoma!

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Get some rest my sweet lady. Love you