Friday, January 26, 2007

Growing up

I'm just amazed at the things that Erin has learned in the past month. She is growing so quickly, and learning something new nearly every day. It's as if turning four has opened a new door for her, and she's anxious and excited to do everything all at once.

In just the past couple of weeks, she has learned to snap her fingers (her favorite thing to do now), ride a bike with no training wheels, and tie her shoes (about 50% of the time). She's on the verge of being a reader, and is already identifying key words and sounds together to form words. We totally expect her to be reading completely on her own in the next 3-5 months. No doubt. She is already able to verbally spell words that are a second grade level, as well as fingerspell all of them. Her ASL vocabulary is increasing like crazy as well, and she's forming complete thoughts in ASL on a regular basis with no prompting. She's bilingual before even entering kindergarten. And she's not signing english, she is using proper ASL format, and that can be tough (you'll appreciate this, Kim and Michelle). I'm so proud of her, and I love that she enjoys ASL as much as I do.

I never knew that four years old could be this much fun all over again. I remember this age vividly with Sean and Bren, and it's all so new and exciting again with Erin.

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