Friday, January 26, 2007


My boys did it again! They both got honor roll for the second semester this year. I'm so proud of them.

They both got their bottom braces put on today, and so they are both in a lot of pain again. Bren only needed three braces on the bottom teeth, but Sean got them on all of them, so he's in a lot more pain than Bren is. He had a milkshake this evening, but that's been it since the appointment this afternoon. Bren was able to eat some chicken and macaroni tonight, but it was limited. This will go on for another day or two before they have adjusted and are able to eat regularly again. I feel for them, but I have never been through it so I have no idea how painful it is, except for what I see from them. Sean was almost to the point of tears this afternoon, so I know it's bad. He has a pretty high tolerance for pain, so I know it's a lot right now. Poor kid. I suppose pudding and ice cream will be the agenda for the next couple of days.


Pam said...

Yay on the honor rolls! Great job, you guys.

Poor bubbies about the braces! Try some banana cream pudding with thinly sliced bananas and little Nilla wafers stuck in it. Chill for an hour. Top with whipped cream! The wafers get all mushy, and there are plenty of calories to make up for what they're not eating otherwise. xo

Kim said...

That is awesome boys!!! Good job! :) I feel the pain of the braces, I remember that all too well. Oh, it hurts!!

Ok, I am just AMAZED at Erin! That is fantastic that she is using ASL so fluently! I am sure that it is from going to the silent dinners and interacting with the Deaf community and having a Mom who is signing like crazy too! That is awesome!!!!!