Thursday, March 15, 2007

Anah Belle

After more than a year of research, interviewing breeders, and personal testimony from owners, we have adopted Anah Belle. She is an AKC tri-colored Beagle. She's eight weeks old, and is the only surviving puppy from her litter. The mother refused to feed the entire litter, with the exception of Anah. She is a very small breed of Beagle, which makes her very unique. We got home from the breeder last night, just after midnight, got Anah settled in her crate, and she didn't make a single peep all night. She was very content to just sleep. Everyone here is just in love with her, and so far she and Greyson are getting along just fine.

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michelle said...

Anah belle! ha!! what a cute name! i've been so far behind, checking your blogs. ive been working alot lately. i love all the new pics!!