Thursday, March 15, 2007

Relay for Life 2007

Brendan's school is participating in our local Relay for Life (they are the Trailblazers). We were recently sent a notice stating that the children would be able to purchase t-shirts for the walk, and for an additional donation the name(s) of someone that we knew who has or had cancer could be added to the back of the shirt. Every child and parent that purchased one of these shirts will have these names on it. So we purchased one for each of the boys, and included the names of Asher Carlson and Mitch Harper.
Asher is the four year old son of a friend of mine in Arizona. He was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a cancer of his brain, in 2006. He has gone through five rounds of chemotherapy, and is currently undergoing stem cell transplant.
Mitch is my older brother, and a skin cancer survivor.
So this is one small way for our family to honor the courage of Asher and Mitch.


Sue said...

Good for you, boys! Uncle Mitch was very touched.

michelle said...

what a great thing to do! what a great mother, setting such a terrific example for your kids. they are, who they are, because of the parenting they have received.