Friday, November 16, 2007

Visit with Stacie and the kiddos

Stacie and the kids came down for the weekend (Friday until Monday), and it was great to visit with all of them. Kaid is just the cutest little boy, and Sean fell in love with him.  Everywhere we went Sean was holding him, rocking him to sleep, and playing with him.  Erin and Ivee had a blast together.  They are only three months apart in age, and being the only girls they were inseparable.  Bren, Zaye and Sage all hung out together playing computer games, Playstation 3, or running around outside.  

Here are some pictures from the weekend.


The two girls in our jacuzzi. 

Brian and Zaye playing the Playstation 3.

Zaye, Bren and Sage after Bren's baseball game on Saturday.

Sean carrying Kaid to Clearwater Beach.

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Pam said...

Wow, great shots! Erin looks like she had a great time with Ivee. Bren and Sean are growing up to be such handsome boys! :)