Saturday, May 03, 2008

Erin's graduation

My baby graduated from preschool today. She did so well at her ceremony today, and we managed to get through it with only a few tears. I think I had more of them than anyone. Every time my eyes would get teary she would look at me and sign OK to tell me that everything was ok. It was so sweet. I could tell that she was holding back a few times, too.

So she'll start kindergarten in the fall. She's definitely ready. She's actually very excited to be going to the elementary school that Sean and Brendan attended. Unfortunately she won't have either of her big brothers there with her since Bren moves on to the middle school next year!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of Erin on her big day. Daddy brought her roses, and she was so excited to get them, but then before she left she actually gave them to her favorite teacher.

Erin (back) and her "boyfriend" Lars
Erin signing along to one of the songs (signing ABOVE)
More signing while she's singing (signing SWEET)
Going up to get her diploma
Checking out her diploma

After daddy gave her the flowers

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