Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bartender Tony

Tony passed with flying colors, and is officially certified!!!

Tony graduates from bartending school tomorrow. He has worked diligently each night to learn the 130 drinks (type of glass, how it's mixed, the ingredients, amounts, and garnishes), and tomorrow he has his final exam. I have been working with him tonight to make sure that he has everything memorized, and after about an hour he was so tired that he couldn't sit still any longer. This is how he sat (yes, laying on the table!) while he continued telling me about the different drinks.

I know that he's going to do great tomorrow, and he'll likely be bartending by next week.


Grandpa Larry said...

We are very Proud of you Tony! We know you will make a great bartender.
Love you very much
Mom and Larry

Mom said...

I know Grandpa/Larry was sending the messages from us but I just wanted to say WAY TO GO also. Love you very much, Mom

angie and steve said...

Good Luck Tony. I bartended my way through college and loved it. Great thing is in Wisconsin they skip the class and go right to the drinking :). It is funny, I think they assume if you live here it comes naturally. Good Luck, you have a great sister.

The Mrs. and Mom said...

Can't wait to hear the tales from behind the bar (great name for a new blog, by the way!)