Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A few pictures from the past few days

I'm super busy with school right now, but I wanted to take a minute to just post a few pictures from the past week. Tony has Maddox this week, so we've been spending a lot of evenings together with Erin and Maddox outside in the yard or at one of the parks in our neighborhood.

On the way to the "sand park" in our neighborhood.
Walking through our neighborhood on the way to the park (Tony & Maddox).
Tony and I saw this on the way to the park yesterday, and I was cracking up. He was just sitting there with his upper body stuck out of the top of the fence.
Erin and one of her friends in the neighborhood, Kaley.
THIS makes me crack up!
Tony and Maddox.

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Mom said...

Love the pictures. Maddox looks terrified on that slide,hahahaha. He sure like the scooter huh? Glad to see Erin's friend is finally home. Hope school is going well. How are the boys doing? Good pictures of Tony and Maddox. Love you all, Mom