Sunday, September 19, 2010


These boys at the track are absolutely fearless, and they are as young as FOUR years old! I love watching the 4-5 age group race. They are so cute, and they get around that track with absolutely no hesitation (and they ride 20" racing bikes, not 12" or 18" bikes!). This picture is of one of the 7 year olds during practice yesterday. He's one of the highest jumpers on the track.
Brendan has been racing intermediate (novice>intermediate>expert>pro) for the past week, and it's helping him improve his skills. He placed 3rd against the intermediates last night, and although he was frustrated I explained to him that 3rd against the next higher level is better than 1st against the easy level. He gets it, but being a competitive person he doesn't like "losing". He's working hard, practicing a lot, and getting better every day. I'm so proud of him.

Brendan is on the far left. Getting ready to race the 4th and final race of the night against the intermediates.

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