Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is how we spent our weekend:
Josh Meyers. He is on the USA Olympic team, currently training in California, but his home track is Oldsmar (our track). He raced with the other pro racers today, and they are amazing to watch.
These little guys are my favorite to watch (besides Bren, of course). This is one of the FOUR year olds during his second qualifying race today. FOUR!
My boy taking the second turn during one of his qualifying races today.
Sweaty boy. It's a lot of gear in the 90ยบ+ weather we had all weekend. They are required to be in full gear (padded pants, long sleeved shirts, gloves and helmet) to be on the track.
Mazin. Our neighbor and Bren's good friend. He is 2nd in the entire state of Florida (all ages), and 1st in the expert category for 11 year olds. He is so fun to watch, too.

Bren enjoying some down time with his two competitors for the Finals today.

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Mom said...

Looks like a busy weekend but a wonderful one. Love seeing the pictures and hearing about the daily events. Love you all, Mom