Thursday, May 26, 2011


While Brian, Bren and Erin were in Nashville last weekend they had the chance to visit the Parthenon. They all said that it was pretty "lame", but I still got a picture of Brendan out of the deal.

Erin came home with many souvenirs, and I'm not just talking about trophies. During her race on Saturday another one of the girls turned into Erin (trying to cut her off), causing them both to crash. She has a row of bruises from her hip to her knee, on her ankle and her wrist. However, she gets angry when someone crashes into her, and she quickly jumped up, got back on her bike and finished ahead of the girl that crashed into her. She's a tough girl, and she doesn't tolerate her competition playing rough. I love it.

Erin, second from the left in blue with her orange bike, getting ready to race.

Aside from their Thursday and Saturday races here at our track they have two days of state racing coming up on June 4-5 in Daytona and then we are off to North Carolina for another national in July. Erin has a new race bike, and Brian got serious with this one (her other was her first, somewhat of a starter bike at about $400-cheap for racing). This bike is over $2,000 in the frame and parts, and you can pick it up with two fingers. Now Brendan is totally jealous, but with a student mom he's stuck with what he has for the time being. He's blowing the competition away with what he has, so he can manage for now.

Time to get ready for race. It's always so exciting, and I never tire of watching them.

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Grandma said...

Way to go Erin and Bren. Hope we can see you race when we come to visit.Love you