Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On the road again...

...but I'm not with them. My summer school term just started Monday, so I can't miss class. Brian, Bren and Erin are leaving tonight for Nashville, Tennessee. My two babies will be competing in the Music City Nationals this weekend. They'll be driving straight through the 12 hours to get there, but thankfully another BMX racer from our track, Logan, and his dad are riding with them. Anyone that knows Brian knows that he falls asleep after driving for a few minutes, so I wouldn't have allowed this trip if it weren't for the fact that Bill is going to drive Brian's truck. Logan is also on Hyperforce (Bren and Erin's team), and they are all excited. I think the dad's may be more excited than the kids, and Bill has called Brian every day for the past week to ask if he's ready to go, excited, etc. It's so cute. Several other races from our track will be there as well, including Mazin and his family (they are actually following Brian and Bill), so we should have quite a few trophies coming back for Oldsmar BMX.

Anyway, Sean and I will be right here, studying and hanging out together. Hopefully Brian emails or texts me pictures as the race proceeds so that I can see them and share with you all, too.

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