Friday, June 03, 2011

Daytona race weekend

And I'm not referring to Nascar. Because I despise Nascar. The race in Daytona that I am talking about is the BMX state race that is being held tomorrow, and the Redline Cup qualifier that is being held there Sunday. Brian, Bren and Erin are on their way to Daytona now, and will arrive in time for practice at their track tonight. There are a lot of racers from our Oldsmar track attending, so they should dominate the race. Brian, Erin and Bren are caravaning with our neighbor Steve and his two racers, Madison and Aiden, and another neighbor, Paul, and his son, Bryce. They all race, including the dads.

I'm hoping to get pictures throughout the weekend, and if I do I'll share. They'll be leaving again on June 15 for racing in Illinois and vacation with Brian's family in Wisconsin. Bren is even flying up to race. Let me just tell you that flying with bikes is not cheap. Even when they are dismantled.

Anyway, good luck to my two racers, and to all of the racers that will be there from Oldsmar!

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