Friday, June 03, 2011

School is out

The kids finished up the school year this past Wednesday, and they are already enjoying the late nights, sleeping in and playing with friends all day. Sean left Wednesday morning for Colorado. He'll be spending the next three weeks there with his good friend, Aurelia, and then he'll be flying to Los Angeles to spend five days with Judy (an extended family member whom we love dearly). From Los Angeles he'll fly to Oregon to spend a week with grandma and grandpa before finally coming back home on July 3. Then he and I are scheduled to leave for Peru on July 20!

Brian and Erin leave for Wisconsin to visit his family on June 15, and Brendan will join them on June 17. There is a National BMX race in Rockford, Illinois that weekend, and both Bren and Erin will be racing. They'll be flying with their bikes. All three of them will come home on Tuesday, June 21, and then hopefully I won't be left along any more this summer. I hate being here alone. It's not a break for me to have my kids gone. I don't like it.

This was an eventful end of school for Brendan as he finished up middle school and will be starting high school next year. So I'll have two in high school (freshman and junior) and one in 3rd grade. Erin finished up with straight A's this year, which surprised nobody that knows her. She has her gifted testing on June 14th (the day before she leaves for Wisconsin), and is ready for another school year to begin already. She is quickly progressing through the first of the Harry Potter series, and she loves it. She's already excited to move on to the second book. It's good that we kept them after Sean read them a few years ago.

I am taking three classes over this summer semester and then have three classes in the fall before graduating in December. We've made all the plans for the big celebration, and I cannot wait to celebrate with my close friends and family that have supported me throughout the past five years as I started this journey. It's exciting, and I cannot wait to find out where I'll be for medical school (hoping to stay here at USF).

More soon. I hope you are all enjoying your summer!


The Mom said...

I love your updates. But they make me miss all of you so much more. :/

Mom said...

I know what you mean The Mom