Thursday, June 16, 2011

Still here

I'm still in Jacksonville. Been here for the most part since Sunday with the exception of driving back to Tampa for class twice and then driving right back up afterwards. We've been waiting for a transfer from St. Vincent's to Baptist since Tuesday so that she can be under the supervision of her cardiologist instead of the hospitalist on staff at St. Vincent's. The pneumonia is now in both lungs (initially just the right lung) and it's documented in her chart as "worsening pneumonia". However, he WBC count is decreasing so it's rather confusing. Over everything is the assumption that her heart is likely failing again even with the pacemaker, and that is why we are trying to get to Baptist. It's frustrating. I'm at the hospital most of the time, but am running errands for her, taking care of things at her house (mail, trash, etc.) and just spending time with her, day and night. I sleep in the chair turned bed, and it's really not at all uncomfortable. I have no complaints on my behalf. Not even the 6-7 hours of driving back and forth to class on the days that I need to be there. It's worth it. She's worth it. Don't know for how much longer I'll need to be here, but I will be until she doesn't need me any more. I haven't spent this much time in Jacksonville since the boys and I moved away from here in 2001. It hasn't changed.

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Mom and Dad said...

Hope Grandma B is doing better real soon. Our prayers and thoughts are with her and you too. Love you very much