Sunday, July 24, 2011

Evening with the Leggs

We have been friends with Lars, LT and Tina since Lars and Erin were only 18 months old. That's when we moved into this neighborhood, and the two of them became immediate friends. We spend more time with their family than any other family, and it's nice that they live in our neighborhood and within walking distance. They just recently had a pool installed in their back yard, and already we've been over for several swim and dinner nights (we've always gone over for dinner nights with them).

Tonight we were invited over again. They grilled burgers and dogs, the kids swam, and Tina and I just got to relax. They just bought a new 3D tv, too, so after dinner and swimming we watched a few of the 3D shows.
Brian shooting Lars with the water gun.
Erin and Lars playing baseball in the pool.

Night time swimming is the best!

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