Friday, July 29, 2011

Howard Park 7/29/11

Another trip to Howard Park, and it was as beautiful as always. This time we brought Paul, Bryce, Noah, Brandon and Kaitlin. Just after sunset the dolphins came close to shore, just like they always do. One dolphin in particular was coming about 20 feet from shore, and at one point swam underneath Sean and Kaitlin in the kayak, surfacing just feet from them. They were both ecstatic.
Brendan with Noah catching a ride on the back of the single kayak
Brian snorkeling

Kaitlin and Sean

Paul teaching Brendan how to cast the net
He hit it the first time!
A partial sand dollar
Erin searching for crabs and shells
Kaitlin and Sean watching sunset from the kayak
Erin's big treasure for the night-it was alive so she let it go.
A baby stingray

The end.

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michelle said...

hey michelle!! just wanted to say hi.. i stumbled across your blog in my "favorites" today and took forever getting caught up. the kids are getting so big!! of course there arent enough pics of YOU with them!! love all your adventures. what an amazing mom you are. are you on facebook??? --- i'll keep checking in. glad to see you are all well xoxox
michelle evans