Thursday, December 15, 2011

Corridors, cold and crying

I've been in Jacksonville for the past six days. Grandma B was taken by the paramedics again this past Friday, and she's been in ICU ever since. As is always the case when she is hospitalized, I am spending my days and nights with her. In the past five weeks I've spent nearly three of them in the hospital with her. She just hasn't had a break. Since June she's been hospitalized five times, but each time seems to take a bigger toll on her, and this time she has really struggled. I have really struggled. I cry at her bedside watching her suffer and agonize. I come back to her house, pay her bills, keep up with the house, and do what needs to be done for her. I wouldn't have it any other way. I will always be here for her, and she knows that. She's asked me before not to leave her with anyone else when she's in the hospital, and I won't.

So if you are wondering (and I'm sure you aren't) why I haven't posted very often in the past month or so, that is why. I am taking care of Grandma B, and I'm right where I belong right now.

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Kathleen said...

Michelle, I know the love that you and Miss B have for one another, and you're exactly where you were meant to be. You are one of her angels and I know that she feels all the love through your words and touch. Keep the faith...........Love Kathy