Thursday, August 16, 2007

All three of my babies

Sean, Bren and Erin are all home with me now. It feels so good to have them all back under one roof.

Sean got home just before midnight last night, and he had plenty to talk about all of the way home. I know that he misses grandma and grandpa. He told me last night that going to visit them was the best part of his summer vacation, and the best trip he's been on so far.

The boys start school on Monday (5th and 7th grades), and registration for fall baseball is this week, so we have a lot to do over the next few days. Sean and Erin are also starting their piano lessons in a couple of weeks, and they are both excited about that. It's back to routines and schedules!

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Anonymous said...

It must feel absolutely wonderful having all three of your babies home. It was wonderful having Sean out here in Oregon. Everyone just fell in love with him. Love you all very much, Grandma & Grandpa Larry