Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Redwood trees & leaving Oregon

This past Sunday, Sean got to visit California and the redwood trees. He's on his way home now, and will be back in Tampa just before midnight tonight. It seems like he has been gone forever. I'm ready for him to be home, but I know that Grandma, Grandpa, and everyone else back in Grants Pass is going to miss him. He did tell me last night that he is sad to be leaving, too. He has really loved it there with them.

(l-r) Grandpa Larry, Grandma Laurie, Sean, Great Grandma Roberta

A picture of Grandma Laurie that Sean took

Sean on the hood of Grandma & Grandpa's car underneath one of the redwood trees

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Anonymous said...

Sean left us this morning for home. I can't describe in words what a wonderful young man he is and how much Grandpa Larry and I love him. Miss him already. The residents here have said to me today that they miss him and keep expecting to see him come out our apt. door. He's a very special person.